Offshore Business Incorporation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a popular place for establishing offshore businesses to do worldwide trade and other activities and to assure asset safety. This excellent location provides an international network, political and economic balance, low taxes rates, simply no foreign exchange rules, and relatively simple hongkong company registration.

The least stress filled and effective way to hongkong company registration is to hire a skilled professional company to collect the required documents and data, have the company name authorization, and document the incorporation files with the local government. These expert companies typically also help with starting a bank account, obtaining required business permit, obtaining visas, if required, and offering guidance with regard to constant administration and conformity problems.

In addition, Points Of Hk Offshore Companies

ease of hongkong company registration: Starting an offshore organization is simple. The stocks of the Hong Kong Company may be totally foreign-owned.
Low Taxes Prices: Hong Kong fees are simple and low. The organization income taxes covers out at 16.5% and international attained income is exempt from taxation. There are simply no capitals benefits, VAT or property taxes, and no withholding tax on returns or interest. An additional advantage is that there are simply no foreign return issues to worry about.
Politics and Financial Balance: The government is stable, market friendly and perceptive and the judicial strategy is transparent. There is small corruption in the government. The overall economy has fared fairly well in the latest global monetary tribulations. HK banks are relatively steady and accounts are covered by the authorities.

Hong Kong Incorporation Facts

Just before incorporation, offshore company name has to be given the green light by the Hk Company Registry.

A company must have at least one director and may have an unrestricted number of company directors. Directors can be individuals or other businesses, residency is not a necessity for owners and nominee directors are allowed.

A corporation should have at least one investor and might have as many as 50 investors. Investors might be people or other companies and do not need to be residents, in fact all investors can be foreigners. Nominee investors are allowed.

A corporation here must have an admin who can be an individual or company nevertheless must be a resident of Hong Kong. If the company only has one director and investor, that individual or corporation are not able to become the corporate admin.

A local street address (of course not a PO Box) is required as the authorized address of the business.

After creating the company, the offshore firm will need to adhere to a few basic reporting preferences including submitting an annual review of reports; offer adjustments to the industry’s organization as well as directors or shareholders; submitting annual earnings with the Hong Kong Company Registry; and renewing the company sign up certificate.


If you are taking into consideration the business potential this place has for you, here are some elements to reflect on. Hong Kong has one of the cheapest times for authorization of your company and you can get hongkong company registration done in a day! In addition, there is no need to be concerned about the taxes programs – one of the main concerns of any business owner. You have to pay taxes at a fixed price of sixteen. Five% without other fees like business tax and value added tax. If you are investing as well as starting a company there, you may just be making one smart decision!

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