Write and Get Smarter

The writing, especially by hand, improves the brain function, pumps the intellect and memory, helps to solve problems and find new ideas. What do you feel after spending few hours writing text, article or new paragraph? If you feel relaxed, full of energy, or even more inspired than at the beginning, you are not alone. Many people claim that writing affects the way they feel, think and perceive different things. In addition, the truth is that writing affects the brain much more than we can imagine. Why it is so useful and how to get all these advantages, you will be able to read in this essay.

Memory Boost

Have you ever experienced such situation – you write down the to-do list or a phone number and it turns out that you remember everything, that you do not even need those notes? This is not an accident. When you write down something, the group of cells in the temporal lobe, known as the reticular activating system, is involved in the process of thinking. As the result, your brain increases the concentration of the written information and you unconsciously memorize it.

Cliche Hinder

Have you ever read the lyrics, almost entirely made up of cliches? In such moments, it seems that your brain completely cuts off. Well, that is the truth. Reading or writing cliches reduces your brain capabilities, eliminates the stimulation of the visual elements and metaphors. So try to avoid cliches while writing. Use phraseological units or quotes to enrich the language, but avoid set phrases.

Journaling Improves Health

Many of us have the diary to record everything that happened during the day, throw the emotions and feelings on the paper and keep ideas for the future. We know that journaling helps you to cope with the unpleasant events, to fight the frustration and stress, but in fact, the benefits of keeping the journal are much greater. Researchers from the University of Texas found that journal writing assists the production of T-lymphocytes. There is also scientific evidence that journaling develops the left hemisphere of the brain.

IQ Level

How can we talk about writing and brain and forget that this exercise makes you smarter? Writing increases the clarity of your mind because the verbal communication is not enough to maintain the same level of intelligence. Writing on any topic requires the precise understanding. Before you write something, you need to think, organize thoughts and then turn the processed information into the text. If you are a writer, you have an impressive vocabulary. In the process of writing, we notice words and phrases that were used million times. We understand that it will be boring not only for our readers but for ourselves too. Moreover, this makes us search for new words and expressions.

Lay Aside the Keyboard

How many notebooks, sketchbooks, and copybooks are there on your desk right now? How many pens and pencils do you use? If a lot, then you are probably a fan of stationery. That is great. The physical act of writing with the pen on paper affects your brain in three different ways. You use fine motor skills to hold a pen and write, your brain operates by recognizing lines and shapes that each letter creates, and you understand every word generated in the brain.

Writing for Writing

Everybody knows that reading increases vocabulary and improves writing style. That is true, but the best thing person who wants to improve the writing skills can do – is to write as often as possible. The reason is simple. The idea provokes writing, and writing provokes ideas.

Write the Problem

Before solving the problem, it is necessary to understand it, to explore all the details and to find a solution. What could be more useful in this case than to write about it? A description of the problem on the paper helps you to understand fully what you are dealing with. Notes will help you to delve into the essence of the problem. Finally, is there a better way to find a solution than to brainstorm and see all possible variants in front of you on the paper?

Was this writing persuasive enough? We hope it was because any word written by your hand is the reflection of who you are. Do not be lazy, take the pen and write down some ideas!

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